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Bitcoin-based ATMs to arrive in the US later this month

The primary Bitcoin-based Atms will land in the US later not long from now as per Las Vegas-based maker Robocoin. Kiosks in Austin and Seattle will soon permit clients to offer Bitcoins for money, purchase extra coins or just exchange virtual stores utilizing their computerized wallet.

The machines cost around $19,000 every and offer an included layer of security over a conventional ATM. An incorporated scanner is utilized to peruse government-issued Ids, driver’s licenses or even travel papers to affirm a client’s personality.

They’re similar to the Bitcoin ATM first deployed in Vancouver late last year. That machine, serviced by local operator and broker Bitcoiniacs, reportedly processed more than $900,000 in transactions in the first month alone. Although the Vancouver ATM is automated, it’s regularly accompanied by a Bitcoiniacs representative that assists customers should they run into any problems.

In related news, Bitcoiniacs recently announced plans to expand their Bitcoin ATM venture to London and Singapore as part of a larger global expansion. Much like the Vancouver setup, the machines will likely be placed inside local cafes or coffees shops.

It’s unclear at this hour which company or exchange will be operating the systems destined for the US. Furthermore, Robocoin didn’t reveal if the operator would hire someone to monitor its use as is the case in Vancouver nor do we know what percentage the operator will take as a service fee from each transaction.

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