Driver for Canon Bubble Jet i250

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Canon Bubble Jet i250

Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

If you have another Windows system installed on your computer, then install the driver via update Windows (follow the link for information on installing the driver).

Windows Vista / 7

Bit depth: 32/64

Size: 4 MB

Link: Canon Bubble Jet i250

This model needs to be set when your printer is printing in order to add settings to your printer.

Driver Installation in Windows 7

When working with printers of the Canon brand (Japanese production), users often have problems with the initial setup and installation. This is because the necessary subtleties are often overlooked during the installation process. At the same time, even if the non-obvious nuances are omitted, the printer will still not work. To prevent this from happening, you must follow our step-by-step instructions, which are posted below.

The first thing it all starts with is the need to download drivers for the Canon Bubble Jet i250 printer. To do this, you can go to a specialized section of the official website, or simply click on the hyperlinks that are published at the beginning of the article. The installation file will start downloading, after which you will need to run it.

There are no essential settings in the start window, so just click on the “Next” button.

Driver for Canon Bubble Jet i250

We read the legal conditions that the manufacturing company defines for the use of its products and software. If you agree with all the provisions, then click “Yes”.

Driver for Canon Bubble Jet i250

After that, the automatic installation process will begin, which will last 5-10 minutes. After its completion, the printer will be ready, and in the final window you will need to click the “Finish” button.

Driver for Canon Bubble Jet i250


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