Driver for Canon PIXMA iP4840

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Canon PIXMA iP4840

By downloading files to your computer, you agree to the Canon license

Before you download / install a particular driver, you should know – if you have a Windows system installed: Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, then it can be installed using the basic drivers that are in the system. Read how to do it. here

Windows 8 / 8.1 / XP / Vista (set of drivers: scanner and printer). Recommended.

Size: 16.6 MB
Bit depth: 32/64
Link: PIXMA-ip4840-win8

The detailed driver installation is described below.

Windows 8 / 8.1 / XP / Vista (XPS)

Size: 22.6 MB
Bit depth: 32/64
Link: PIXMA-ip4840-XPS

The driver is suitable for advanced users who want to print in the best possible quality.

Driver Installation in Windows 8

Driver installation for Canon PIXMA iP4840 starts with downloading driver files (link can be found above). After downloading, you need to start the installation – open the downloaded file. The Setup Wizard welcome message will inform us about the start of the installation program. We follow his instructions, namely, turn off the printer and close other running programs. As soon as everything is ready – click “Next”.

In this window, click "Further"

In the next window, we will see the license agreement, the text of which can, in principle, not be read, you will not get anything useful from there. To continue the installation, click “Yes”.

Agree with Canon license

As soon as we confirm our agreement with the license agreement, copying of files will begin. The ready indicator will gradually fill, we are waiting for further instructions from the installation program.

Copying Files for Canon PIXMA iP4840

File copying completed. We read the instructions in the window and press the corresponding button. You do not need to manually select a port; in the next step, the PC will detect it automatically.

Click on "Completed"

The last step of the installation is to connect the printer. First, we connect the printer and the computer with a USB cable, and then turn on the printer. Once the program detects the device, the installation will continue.

Connect your Canon PIXMA iP4840 device to your computer


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