Driver for Canon PIXMA MG4240

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Canon PIXMA MG4240

By downloading files to your computer, you agree to the Canon license

Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / XP / Vista (recommended)

Size: 42 MB
Bit depth: 32/64
Link: PIXMA-MG4240-win8

We recommend these drivers for your printer.

Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 / Vista / XP

Size: 35.1 MB
Bit depth: 32/64
Link: PIXMA-MG4240-scan

In this driver package, there are drivers for the scanner.

Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 / Vista / XP (XPS)

Size: 24.7 MB
Bit depth: 32/64
Link: PIXMA-MG4240-XPS

If you need to print in good quality, you can install the drivers for the XPS version.

Driver Installation in Windows 10

Installing the Canon PIXMA MG4240 printer driver is easy if you follow the instructions below:

The first thing to do is to make sure that the printer is not plugged into the computer and powered off. Are you convinced? Now you need to download the driver from the links above and start the installation. In the first window, you will be able to select the installation language. The default is Russian, so click “Next”.

Click Next

The next window will ask you to choose how to connect the printer to your PC. Here click on the “Connect via USB” button.

Now choose a connection method for your Canon PIXMA MG4240

Next comes the choice of the region of residence. Select the one that corresponds to your region (for those living in Russia – this is the second item from the top) and click the “Next” button.

Indicate where you live

The installer will now ask about your country of residence. Here you should also select the one that suits you and click “Next”.

Enter your country of residence

Now you should put a tick in front of the “MP Driver” item (if it is not there) and still click on the “Next” button.

Click Next to start installing Canon PIXMA MG4240

The next window will introduce you to the Canon License Agreement. You can read it and then accept it by clicking the “Yes” button.

Read the Canon License Agreement

Now you need to allow the program to complete all the necessary installation processes. To do this, click “Next”.

Agree by clicking "Further"

The last window will ask you to connect the printer to your computer and turn it on. Do it.

To continue installing drivers for your Canon PIXMA MG4240, connect it to your computer and turn on the power

Congratulations! Your Canon PIXMA MG4240 is ready to use.


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