Driver for Canon PIXMA MP220

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Canon PIXMA MP220

By downloading files to your computer, you agree to the Canon license

Windows 2000/7/8 / 8.1 / XP / Vista

Size: 23.8 MB (x32) and 24.1 MB (x64)
Bit depth: 32/64

You first need to determine the version of your system, and only then download and install the required driver. Read this article “How to find out the bitness of the system“. If the driver does not install (the driver may not be suitable for your system), then you can use the article that will help in this matter “How to install driver without disk“.

Driver Installation in Windows 8

Download the required installation package to install the printer driver. You can find the installer on our website or on the official page of the manufacturer. The exact printer model can be found on the label on the back of the case, or it can usually be found on the front of the unit. During installation, the printer must not be connected to the computer!

The downloaded file for installation will be located in the “Downloads” directory or in the folder that you specified earlier. Open the file and wait while the program unpacks all the files necessary for work. This may take a few minutes.

Extracting Canon Pixma MP220 Drivers

On the welcome page that opens, click Next to get started.

Here you need to click "Further"

On the next page, agree to the terms of the license agreement by clicking “Yes”. If this is not done, the installation will fail!

To proceed with the installation of the Canon Pixma MP220, click "Yes"

Wait until the program has installed all the necessary files. You can track the progress of the installation by filling in the progress bar. At the time of installation, you do not need to restart or turn off your computer. In addition, it is better to close all other programs so that there is more free memory for the installer – if your computer is old.

Waiting for the unpacking of drivers

After finishing the installation, connect the printer to your computer and turn it on. Wait while the system detects the printer.

Printer installation is complete

Congratulations! The printer driver is now installed and the device is ready for use.


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