Driver for Canon PIXMA MP260

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Canon PIXMA MP260

By downloading files to your computer, you agree to the Canon license

Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 / XP / Vista

Size: 24.4 MB (x32) and 24.9 MB (x64)
Bit depth: 32/64

If you have Windows XP or Windows 2000, then only x32 drivers are suitable for you. Of course, your system must be 32 bit. For more information how to find out, read here

Driver Installation in Windows 10

Installing a printer control package, or driver, is not difficult at all. Follow our instructions and do everything as shown in the pictures in sequence. Do not connect the printer to your computer before installation! This is done at the last stage.

First download the driver installation file. You can download it on the official Canon portal or on our page. After the installation file has finished downloading, find it in the Downloads directory on your computer and run it.

Run the file to install the driver

On the first screen, select the “Next” button and click it to start the installation.

In this window, click "Further"to proceed with the installation

On the next page, you must agree with the text of the license agreement, otherwise the installation will be interrupted. Click “Yes” and go to the next stage.

Canon License Agreement

Wait for all driver files to be unpacked and installed on your computer. The installation will take a few minutes and will finish when the progress bar is full. Do not turn off your computer until this stage is complete!

Unpacking the drivers

The next step is to connect the printer cable to any USB port on your computer, turn on the printer and click Finished. The system will automatically configure the printer for your computer.

After installing the drivers, click "Completed"

The driver is now successfully installed and the printer is ready to go!


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