Google cloud print. How do I use Google’s virtual printer?

First, I must say that google cloud print, released by the world famous corporation Google, is a new software that connects printing devices to the World Wide Web.

Thus, if other similar programs allow you to save certain text documents in formats of various types, then Google makes it possible to provide access to your device to other users. This is very convenient, for example, if one of your employees is on a business trip, he can directly send the necessary files to your printer, which will immediately print them. For printing using a virtual google printer, you can use not only a PC, but also any gadget that has an Internet connection, for example, a regular smartphone.

Thus, a properly installed and competently configured google cloud print is an excellent assistant not only for home use, but also for various organizations. In addition, google virtual printer has excellent compatibility with any modern models of printing office equipment. But in order to work more efficiently, it is recommended to use models that support such printing.

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So, to install the Google printer you need a printing device that supports printing from the cloud. These devices are the perfect choice for working with a Google virtual printer. To configure them, you do not need a personal computer. Such printers connect to the World Wide Web and link to your Google account in a matter of seconds.

If you have a regular printer model connected via USB to a PC and you decide to install google cloud print on it, then first create an account with Google and download the browser of this corporation. After that, do all of the following:

  • To solve the problem related to how to set up google virtual printer, open the Chrome browser and go through the main menu to the browser settings.
  • Find the section with the entrance and log in, then click at the bottom of the window on “Show all settings”.
  • In the drop-down list, find the section associated with the Google virtual printer and click on “Configure”.
  • Once on the page called “Devices”, click on “Add Printers”.
  • In the window that opens, you will be prompted to add all physical printers connected to your PC to Google.
  • If necessary, you can configure the parameters of access to your printer by going to the page “” in your browser. There you can delete, rename, add and view the print queue.

Some applications supported by Google printer

If you have already installed google cloud print and it works for you in normal mode, then please note that the list of applications supported by it today consists of several dozen. One of the most popular among them is the Chrome browser. If at the same time you are interested in the answer to a question like “how to use google virtual printer”, then simply launch this browser and, by pressing the key combination Ctrl + P, select from the “Target printer” list to print using google cloud print.

Among the devices running Android OS, there is a dedicated Cloud Print application. Using it, you can send commands for printing certain documents directly from your smartphone, as well as attached files, e-mail messages, etc. In addition, Google Cloud Print is compatible with Easy Print, Cloud Printer, PrinterShareTM Mobile Print, and several other Android apps.

For iOS devices, Google’s printer is supported on PrintCentral Pro. This application is specifically designed to be able to use printing for various services. It will allow you to print attachments, e-mails, SMS messages, etc.

Cloud-enabled printers

The list of devices that support google printer is quite large. For example, this includes about two hundred models of printing devices that have the HP ePrint function. Therefore, if you notice the Google or ePrint logo on it when you buy a printer, it means that it is compatible with this service.

In addition, all Kodak Verite devices have google print support. There are several Epson models that support cloud printing – they connect to Google’s virtual device automatically. This can also include Brother printers that have Google printer support. In general, the list of devices designed for printing that are compatible with Google is quite extensive.


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