How to correctly insert paper into the printer

Often, new users of printing office equipment have a question about how to insert paper into the printer. But, before loading the sheets, you need to understand a few simple rules that will help you print the documents you need with high quality and losslessly for the machine.

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Before answering the question about how to insert paper into the printer, take into account that the sheets used must be suitable for your printing device and the purpose of printing. Therefore, carefully study the technical instructions attached to your device – you can download it on the manufacturer’s official website or on our website.

To prevent the paper from sticking together, you need to shake it a little, then trim the stack by hitting it on the table surface.

You will also need to open the settings of the personal computer connected to your device in order to select the type of paper used for printing, for example, it can be photo paper.

To ensure that the device works without any interruptions, be sure to select the test print option in the PC settings before printing important documentation. Also, be careful with parts such as the printer’s paper shelf.

Solving the problem with an inkjet printer

  • If you are going to load paper into your inkjet device, the first step is to lift the stand to extend its extension.
  • Next, open the front cover of the device and gently pull out the paper tray.
  • Slide the printer guide to the left before loading paper.
  • In the next step, you need to put the sheets of paper under the tabs of the receiving tray, and always with the side that is intended for printing.
  • Finally, slide the guide against the stack of sheets to secure them. After that, you can use the downloaded device for further work.

Solving the problem with a laser printer

  • If you have a Canon laser machine, then to solve the problem like “where to insert paper in the printer”, first of all, open its front cover, for which you need to pick it up from above. Next, adjust the settings of the paper feed tray so that the device can correctly detect the size of the sheets, otherwise it may just jam them. Then set the paper, and adjust the clamps so that they are close to the stack – there are three such parts in Canon laser devices. If you only need to print one A5 sheet, load it into single feed, making sure to adjust it for width.
  • Many Hewlett-Packard products have a paper feed tray that extends from the bottom of the product and is designed to fit a maximum of A4 size. To install a stack of sheets, push and pull the purple tab towards you. Then put the sheets there and fix it around the edges so that the latches are placed end-to-end against it. To print a small sheet, pull the latch towards you. in this case, the paper pickup will start from the beginning of the tray.
  • Owners of a Samsung device also need to pull out the tray, then slide the latches along the edges to select the optimal size. But before you do this, press the lever on the right side. As a result, the sheets of paper should be limited on all sides. Due to this, if the sheet initially goes crooked, then in the future it will pick up and go smoothly.

Thus, the problem related to how to put paper in the printer is solved depending on the model and type of printing device slightly differently. But the general principle of loading paper is practically the same, and it boils down to the fact that first you need to find and pull out the tray, and then fix the installed stack using guides or latches.


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