How to install a printer without an installation disk

Sometimes it becomes necessary to find an answer to the question of how to install a printer without an installation disc. In general, any ordinary PC user and office equipment can solve a problem of this kind. There are two ways to install a printer without a disk. One is to use Windows Update, the other is to download the required driver yourself.

In the first case, basic drivers for the printer or mfp will be installed on the computer, which allow you to start printing and / or scanning documents. Therefore, the presence of additional functions in your windows 8 / windows 10 system, allowing you to process a document before printing, adjust colors, contrast, etc. in this case, it will not be provided.

As for the second method, in this case it may take you a little more time to solve the problem, but thanks to this you will install the latest driver for your device, which will provide you with a large number of specific functions.

The first way

If you decide to complete the task related to how to connect the printer to a laptop without a disk using Windows Update, then first you need to connect the printing device to a PC on which windows 8 / windows 10 or some other version is installed given OS and wait a few minutes. During this time, the system will identify and determine the connected equipment, after which it will try to automatically install the appropriate software. If this does not happen, then run the update in the windows 8 / windows 10 system on your computer manually by following these steps:

  • Open “Control Panel” and then go to the section called “Hardware and Sound”.
  • Find a category among several items with a list of devices and printers connected to your PC.
  • In a new window that opens, you will need to click on the button that starts checking for updates on your windows 8 / windows 10 system.
  • After that, the software will be searched for the connected office equipment. In the event that the system can find something, then the driver will be loaded and installed automatically. The system may ask you for permission to do this.
  • Be sure to reboot your computer hardware to make sure the printing device is actually installed. After that, you can start configuring your device for further actions.

If you want your windows 8 / windows 10 OS to constantly load drivers and pictures for office equipment connected to the computer in automatic mode, then you should perform the following manipulations:

  • To get started, open the “My Computer” context menu by right-clicking on its icon and select “Device Installation Settings”.
    In a new window you will be asked to decide on the setting, in this case, select the first option, which implies permission to automatically install drivers.
  • Click on the button that will save your change. Thanks to such simple actions, when connecting new equipment, the system installed on your PC will automatically turn on the search for a suitable driver in its database.

To manually install the appropriate driver from the Update Center, first disconnect your device from your PC (if you connected your printer to your PC before). After that, carefully read the following instructions:

  • Open the section with a list of devices and printers through the “Start” menu.
  • Find on the top panel the inscription “Add Printer” and click on it.
  • Then, among the two options offered, select the first, i.e. “Add a local printer”.
  • In the next window, where you will be asked to decide on the printer port, nothing should be changed, so feel free to click on “Next”.
  • Now the wizard will prompt you to choose how to install the driver. Click in this case on “Windows Update” and wait for the list of available software to load.
  • When the list appears on the screen, select the manufacturer, and then the specific model of the device.
  • Enter the name of the printer (you do not have to change anything) and by clicking on “Next”, wait for the installation results.
  • In the new Using Shared Printers window, select “Don’t share this printer” and “Next.” Thus, the configured device has been successfully installed.
  • But that’s not all, now you should remove the installed device by right-clicking on its icon in the section with printers and faxes. The point is that we need the software that is installed with the printer, not the device itself.
  • Now you can connect office equipment to a PC and wait until the device “grabs” the previously installed driver.

Second way

If you decide to use the manual method to solve the problem of how to install and how to configure a printer without a special installation disk, then first open any web browser. Enter the following query in the search box: download the driver “your printer model”. In most cases, one of the first places of issue will be a link to the page of the official website of the manufacturer of office equipment, or, to be more precise, to the equipment support page.

It is best to download the driver either from our website (for this, go to the download section), or from the manufacturer’s official website. we do not have any malicious code and the latest software versions are always uploaded. After the file is downloaded, you just have to run it and wait for the files to be unpacked. After that, the installation wizard for this software will open, where you need to click on the button confirming the start of the driver installation. Then you just have to follow all the instructions that will appear along the way. In the end, you can start setting up the printing office equipment for which you have just installed the latest software.


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