How to print a document as a brochure

Sometimes, some users face the need to solve a problem related to how to print a brochure. In general, printing a document in the form of a brochure is not as difficult and time-consuming as it seems at first. All you need to do this is Microsoft Word tools and an inkjet / laser printer or multifunctional device. Therefore, you will not need any additional software applications in this situation, and you can print as many brochures as you like absolutely free. You can just as well print a brochure.

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Preparing a brochure

To get started, open the document from which you want to make a brochure and go to Word on the “Page Layout” tab. There, click “Page Setup”, then check the paper size in the window that opens. If the A4 format is installed there, then leave everything in its place. The fact is that in order for the finished product to correspond to the A5 format, it must be printed on an A4 sheet.

Open the “Fields” tab, then go to the “Multiple Pages” drop-down table. From the list provided, click on “Brochure”. Then the program will automatically change the orientation of the sheet to landscape and show you a sample consisting of two columns, each of which represents a page of a future brochure.

Cover preparation

To print the brochure as efficiently and effectively as possible, pay special attention to preparing the cover. To do this, go to the “Insert” tab and click on the title page. Choose the template that interests you the most. For business copy, for example, opt for a conservative style.

Next, you will be asked to fill in the name of your organization, choose a title for the book, date, etc. The abstract will be located on the second sheet. If you want, you can write something there, if not, then feel free to skip this step.

We put down the numbering

To get a document in the form of a well-executed brochure, you should also do the numbering. By double-clicking at the bottom or top of any page, you will switch to headers and footers. From the side of the software, the “Constructor” tab will be activated, on which the buttons are located, intended for switching to the footer / header. Here, if you wish, you can change the fields.

Formatting the text

This stage is no less important than the previous ones. An A4 size sheet can usually fit four smaller pages – if printed on both sides. Thus, in a future printed book, the number of pages must necessarily be a multiple of four.

As for the formatting itself, in the course of this procedure you need to reduce margins, move pictures away from the edge of the document, align all text in width, etc. If you notice that the subheadings are located separately from the text that immediately follows them, then be sure to correct this, otherwise the printed document will look “clumsy”. To do this, find the line “Paragraph” in the “Page Layout” tab and, having selected “Position on the page”, click on “do not tear off from the next.”

Brochure printing

At the last stage, after opening the print tab, check the box next to the line that implies double-sided printing. After that, Word itself will perform the layout of the future brochure and set the order in which all sheets should be printed. When a few sheets are released, the device will pause for you to transfer to the input tray. Turn the sheets over as needed (depending on your specific printer model) and continue printing. In the end, you need to wait for the printing printer to finish its job.

How to make a brochure from a PDF document?

If you are interested in the answer to the question of how to print a document in pdf format, then for this you need to download Adobe Acrobat.

  • Select the desired device through “File” => “Print” and specify the pages to be printed.
  • Having identified the required pages, and click on “Brochure”.
  • To print specific pages on a different sheet, be sure to specify them using the Sheets From / To option. In “Properties” you can select the appropriate paper tray and, if necessary, configure other settings.
  • At the last stage, you just have to decide on the additional parameters required in order to complete the page processing. For example, determine on which sides of a sheet of paper the document should be printed.

Thus, you will receive a printed PDF document with a book.

As you can see, it is quite easy to make a convenient and beautiful brochure from several pages of a document using a printer and Microsoft Word / Adobe Acrobat, if you follow the sequence of actions. Most likely now you will understand how to print the document in the required form.


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