How to print a Word or Excel document

The question of how to print in excel often pops up. It should be noted right away that this software from Microsoft can print not only individual pages or the entire table, but also a specific range, notes in cells, data after filtering, etc. Thus, the possibilities of printing in Excel are really wide.

To solve the above problem, you should prepare the necessary document for printing, i.e. adjust all the parameters that affect the final result of the printed and printed page. This approach will help save not only time, but also paper, because you initially put the necessary printout and you do not have to spend additional pages for reprinting.

detailed instructions

When you decide to print your data using Excel, carefully review how to adjust the print settings to achieve the desired result. It is especially important to use the preview option to see how your document will turn out on paper. Otherwise, not all columns and fields of the table can fit on one A4 sheet.

  • To use the preview you should click on the “Print” button in the top menu of the program and click on the “Preview” item.
  • Open the preview section and click on “Page Setup”.
  • You will immediately see a section called “Page”. Use the “Orientation” function, with which you can expand the table in width. There you can put the horizontal layout “Landscape” or the vertical layout of the sheet “Portrait”. In addition, in the same place you can set the scale, which means the print size of the Excel table.
  • If you want to print a small table on the whole sheet of paper, in this case, set the scale not to 100%, but, for example, to 150%.
  • To configure the printing of a table consisting of a fairly large number of columns and rows, you can use the zoom or click on the checkbox next to the function that implies placing the printed document on no more than one page, both in width and height.
  • In the same dialog box with page settings, you should open the section with fields. There you can put the value zero everywhere, as a result of which the Excel document will turn out without fields or put any other value you are interested in.
  • To answer the question of how to remove headers and footers, you should put zeros on the values ​​for the footer and header.
  • Another option for setting up fields is to click on the “Show fields” button in the “Preview” mode. Thanks to this action, all fields of the table will be displayed on the view sheet, which, by the way, can be moved with the mouse. Those. this option is a kind of automatic field size adjustment.
  • In the “Headers and footers” section of the same window with print parameters, you can, if necessary, set up different headers and footers for odd and / or even pages of the document. In addition, this option makes it possible to set for the very first page a header with a special setting.
  • To finalize the customization of your Excel spreadsheet before printing, open the section titled “Sheet”. If there is a need to print the grid, then check the box next to the corresponding item. In the same settings, you can specify a range address and a different order of sheets when printing them. In addition, the “Sheet” section allows you to specify the specific parts of the table that you want to print.
  • After the settings have been made, click on the print button, after which a new window will open in front of you. If necessary, there you can set specific print parameters, for example, specify specific pages, print a selected range, specify the number of copies, and also select a specific printer.

Briefly on how to print a Word document

  • If you are faced with the task of how to print a Word document, then first, just like in the case of Excel, use the preview to make sure that everything suits you.
  • Find the printer icon in the document on the top panel and click on it. You can also use the shortcut Ctrl + P or click on the “Print” item in the “File” menu.
  • In the new dialog box, select the specific device with which you will print.
  • Specify “all pages” or select the page numbers of the document you want to print.
  • Be sure to include the number of copies if necessary.
  • Decide on a specific scale, thanks to which you can display not one, but two, four or more pages on just one sheet of paper.
  • If you need double-sided printing, then click on the corresponding item.
  • After all the settings have been made, click on “OK” and wait for the document to print.

In general, as you can see, printing a document in Excel and Word is quite simple. Of course, in the case of Excel spreadsheets, the situation is somewhat more difficult, since It can be a bit of a hassle to bring large tables back to normal for later printing, but thanks to the instructions described above, this procedure will probably not take much of your time.


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