How to print a3 on two A4 sheets. Overview of special software for printing posters

Sometimes users of printing devices have a question related to how to print A3 on two A4. At first, it seems that this kind of problem is very difficult to solve, but, in fact, this is far from the case. So, if you have to print A3 on two A4 sheets in order to get one large drawing, then you will have to use the help of several software applications.

If you need to print A3 on an A4 printer, i.e. fit a document with this format on a regular sheet of paper, then in this case, simply call the print menu in Word using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P, and then select A3 from the list. Then click in the menu “1 page per sheet” => “Fit to page” => “A4”. Now you can click on the button responsible for launching the print program, using this preview before.

Programs for printing A3 on two A4

  1. If you are planning to solve the problem of how to print A3 on two A4, then use, as mentioned above, special programs, for example, PlaCard can be an excellent option. This software is intended for printing posters on several A4 pages. With its help, you can automatically split any image into several fragments, each of which will be equal to an A4 sheet. This program for printing posters on A4 has the ability to selectively print, save fragments in separate files of a graphic type, print a poster in just three clicks and receive images from the clipboard or scanner. It should also be added that this software supports more than three dozen graphic formats.
  2. In addition, to solve the problem of how to print A3 on two A4, you can download and install software such as Easy Poster Printer. It allows you to print a poster of various sizes in a few clicks using ordinary printing office equipment. With this software, you can adjust the print quality, sheet orientation, enlarge and reduce the image, set the line width of the layout, etc.
  3. Another functional and convenient free program for printing all kinds of posters and posters is Posteriza. This software has a special text block that allows you to add text. To delete it, you just need to open the appropriate tab, then erase all unnecessary and click on “Apply” for the changes to take effect. All options related to changing the number of fragments and the size of the future poster are available on the “Size” tab.

Using one of the described programs, you can easily print any A3 document on A4 sheets. After that, you just need to take the printed document and glue it from two A4 sheets.

How to print A1 to multiple A4

If you are faced with the need to solve such a problem: how to print a1 on several A4 – in this case, you will not need to download and install additional software, because you can get by with absolutely standard tools.

  • Open any desired document using the appropriate program, for example, Word and call the print menu.
  • Click on the Properties button which will open the properties for your printer.
  • Set the page orientation to portrait or landscape, and the optimal page size.
  • In the “Page Layout” section, all in the same window, you should click on “Print poster”, the standard size of which is 4 sheets.
  • If you are not satisfied with the number of fragments that will make up the image, then click on “Set”.
  • Specify the desired number of fragments into which your image should be split.
  • In order to have an edge on each sheet, which, if necessary, can be cut evenly, mark the “Trim Lines in the Margins” item with a tick.
  • In the end, you just have to click on “OK”, print and see the result of the work done.

Thus, the problem related to how to break an image into parts for printing is solved quite simply, and using standard tools available in Word or other programs that are installed on most PCs.

But if you need to solve this kind of tasks quite often and print large image formats in the form of small fragments for posters or posters, then it is best to use special programs that will allow you to do all the necessary work in a few clicks. Moreover, there are many free options among them.


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