How to properly connect a printer via a wifi router

It so happens that users have to deal with a problem related to how to connect a printer via wifi. This issue is especially relevant if it is necessary to connect the device to the network, i.e. LAN. Of course, you can connect a Wi-Fi router directly to a computer / laptop and send print jobs from other PCs. But this option is inconvenient and impractical, because the computer to which the printing device is connected must be turned on almost around the clock and at the same time be tied to a specific place.

That is why, in this case, you need a router that will distribute Wi-Fi, which, in turn, will allow you to connect a wireless device. There are several effective ways to do this. The choice of one of them depends on what functionality the router with an MFP has.

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Making a connection via WPS

In order to solve the problem of how to connect a printer via a wifi router, use the WPS technology, but for this both devices must have its support. In general, most modern models meet this parameter. However, it would be nice, just in case, to check this by studying the instructions that came with the printing device for this purpose.

In addition, pay attention to the bottom of the router itself, where you should find the icon of the above technology and the PIN code. You will definitely need the latter when making a connection to a printer.

If there is no shortcut at the bottom, in this case, you will have to open the web interface to make sure there is WPS support, otherwise it will be impossible to configure the printer via a wifi router. To do this, you need to drive or into the address bar of your web browser. To configure the printer using WPS successfully, you must set the switch of this technology to the “Enabled” position. In addition, find the line “Device PIN” and enter the device PIN there.

In addition, you will need to make sure that WPA / WPA2 security is in place to set up the wireless network. WEP security is not suitable for this purpose. In addition, find MAC filtering in the router settings, which must be disabled. Please note that some models of printing devices have a dedicated button to enable WPS. If it is present, then be sure to press and hold it until the wireless network is found from the side of the device.

Next, in the list of devices connected to the PC (category “Printers and Faxes), you need to select the desired device and open its context menu. After that, click on the item that assumes the use of the default printer. If everything is done correctly, a green round icon with a white checkmark will appear on the device icon. Thus, the problem related to how to connect to the printer via wifi is solved. Otherwise, try the next method, which also allows you to connect your printer to your computer via Wi-Fi.

Connecting via the connection setup wizard

To connect the printer via wifi, you can use the connection wizard built into the OS. Please note, however, that the printing device is wireless and has WPA or WEP. Only in this case can you find answers to the question of how to connect a printer to a laptop and how to set up a printer. To do this, you will need to know the name of the network, i.e. SSID and password for it.

To be able to connect to the network via Wi-Fi, you will need to press the “Settings” button on the control panel of the printing device and select “Network” in the window that appears. After that, the wizard responsible for connecting the device will automatically search for all wireless networks that are currently available, and then give them a list.

Then, among the list presented, you will need to find and select the required Wi-Fi network. If it does not appear in the presented list, in this case, enter the name manually.

At the end, the setup wizard will ask you to enter your network password. Please note that you need to enter the network name and password, taking into account the case, otherwise you may encounter a connection error. This completes the procedure for connecting the device to the laptop via wifi, as a result of which you will receive a fully configured printing device connected to the network.

Solving the problem using the installation wizard

In addition, you can open the section with devices and printers on your personal computer by going to it through the control panel and clicking on the button responsible for installing a new device. It should be said right away that this method will also allow you to connect a network printer wirelessly and set up printing properly.

By clicking on the installation of the device, in a new window you will need to choose among the two presented options the following: “Add network, …”.

After that, the system will start searching automatically. If a printing device is found, it will be displayed in the search box.

To set up a printer via wifi, you should double-click on the printer icon, and in the small window that opens, enter the IP address specified in the instructions supplied with the purchased device.

As soon as you see a notification that the device was connected successfully, you can reboot the PC.

Now you can start solving the problem related to how to print to a printer connected via a Wi-Fi router. In general, there is nothing complicated here – just like with a local printer, you just need to call the print window, set the settings and print the necessary documents. The main thing is that the wireless connection is really reliable and stable.


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