How to use the printer correctly

Often, those who have just acquired printing office equipment have a question about how to use the printer. In general, solving a problem of this type is very easy, especially nowadays, when most people have access to such devices and already roughly know how to turn the printer on or off. But nevertheless, detailed instructions for a more thorough study of working with this office equipment will never hurt.

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How to work with office equipment?

To solve the problem related to how to use the printer, first you should familiarize yourself with the instruction manual for the device, which comes in one set with the device itself for printing. Of course, the instruction itself can be written too broadly and it will take a lot of time to study it, so after looking over it with your eyes and looking at all kinds of illustrations, just try to turn on your device and then turn it off.

It should be said that this device is turned on by pressing the “ON” button located on its panel or on the sides of the device. At the same time, first connect the device to a personal computer using a USB cable (it is with it that most modern MFP models are equipped) and plug it into an outlet.

In addition, in accordance with the manual (operation for use), install the drivers using the installation disk, which must be supplied with any printing device. If it does not appear, then you can find suitable software on our website or on the official website of the manufacturer of office equipment.

In addition, you should check the reliability of the organized connection between the device and the personal computer. If, after installing the driver, the device is displayed on the PC in the “Printers and Faxes” section (you can get there through the control panel) and there are no suspicious icons next to it, then everything is in order with the connection. But if the printer icon is not displayed, in this case, reconnect the USB cable to another connector of the PC system unit – preferably the one on the back.

If the list of devices in the “Printers and Faxes” section says that the printer is disabled, then try reinstalling the device drivers or updating them. Often, the problem that the printer is turned off is associated with the device cartridge. Therefore, be sure to make sure that this consumable is installed correctly and that you have removed all the protective films that were on it.

How to print?

When the included device works successfully, you need to proceed directly to solving the problem of how to work with the printer. To print a particular document, start it with the appropriate program, then open “File” => “Print” or use a combination of keys such as Ctrl + P. After you click on the print button, a window with the parameters of this process will open in front of you. Specify the number of copies there, and also decide on the scale, pages to be printed and other settings. If your printer has a scanning function, then you can learn how to use it in this article.

It should also be added that the use of the print command is available not only in the opened document. To use it, you can right-click on the required document and select the print item in the context menu. After that, the process will start automatically. In this case, a device icon will be displayed in the taskbar, by double clicking on which you can open the control of this office equipment and cancel the printing process.

Some helpful tips

Note that it is very important to take into account the quality of the paper, the cartridge, and the ink or toner used when printing documents. Be sure to make sure that the sheets of paper used are not very damp, otherwise it will start to get stuck and stick together in office equipment, which can lead to a variety of troubles.

It should be noted that if the paper is unexpectedly jammed, the first step is to turn off the printer. The chances of getting paper out of a turned off device and not disrupting its operation are much greater than from a turned on one. Read more about what to do if paper is jammed in this article.

If you notice the wps button on the printer, then keep in mind that its presence is necessary in case of establishing a wireless connection. For instructions on how to use it, read the instruction manual for the device or in the article How to connect a printer via a wifi router.

It is also necessary to say that the owners of inkjet printers should take into account the fact that the ink inside the consumable can dry out during a long idle period of the device. For this reason, you need to print a couple of documents at least once every 3-4 days. Owners of laser models can simply remove the cartridge from the device and shake it from side to side when the print quality decreases, then reinsert and continue to use it.


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