Life of printers and multifunction devices

Quite often, questions arise about how long printers and MFPs have. But it should be noted right away that there is no specific value, because The useful life of the printer is directly dependent on a variety of factors and conditions, for example, the manufacturer, the quality of components, compliance with manufacturing technology, frequency of maintenance, etc.

In general, the service life of a laser model printer can be about 5 years with an accurate ratio, and an inkjet model can be within 3-5 years. It should also be added that, according to some experts, the resources of the main parts of the laser device are as follows: for the photo drum (photo drum), it is about 20-30 thousand printed pages, and for the stove, as well as the nodes responsible for feeding paper and removing excess toner, this figure can reach 100 thousand. If the annual load is within 1-2 thousand of printed pages, then the resource of the printer of the laser model will significantly increase up to 10 years or more.

It should also be said that the service life of a laser / inkjet printer or multifunctional device depends on whether a particular model is intended for home use or for use in an office environment. The fact is that office equipment for the office is capable of withstanding a large load and at the same time has a higher printing speed. Therefore, by purchasing an office printer for home use, you will receive office equipment with a huge resource of work. Despite the fact that office devices are highly reliable, they are more susceptible to failure than home counterparts. This is due not only to the huge volumes of daily work performed, but also to the carelessness of some employees.

But observing the rules for using printers, which are quite simple, as well as following a few useful tips, you can increase the resource of your device for several years. This step is very expedient in a modern office environment, especially when you need to save money on buying new office equipment of this type.

How to Extend Printer Life: Tips and Tricks

  • The most whimsical part of the inkjet printer model is by far the print head. It is this detail that requires increased attention to yourself. It usually has a number of nozzles through which small droplets of coloring matter fall onto the surface of the paper. At the same time, ink has the property of drying out during a long idle period, as a result of which the nozzles of the print head are subject to clogging. Therefore, so that this part does not fail and the inkjet printer works as long as possible, you first need to prevent the occurrence of such stagnation. For this purpose, you will need to print several pages with the necessary documents at least once a week. Note that good quality alternative inks can last for almost a month. But it’s best not to tempt fate and not let your inkjet printer rest for too long.
  • In a laser printer, one of the key parts is the photo drum, which sooner or later wears out. This is indicated by the appearance of vertical black streaks on the printed pages. To prolong the life of this part, never place the device near a window, otherwise you will not avoid direct sunlight on the drum unit. If you decide to wipe the photo tube, then do not use chemical solutions, alcohol or other solvents for this, but use the automatic cleaning system. If it does not help, then wipe this part with a dry cloth. You can find out how to clean the drum unit in this article.
  • Another important rule, the observance of which will help in increasing the operational life of an inkjet printer, is that the cartridges should be replaced immediately after they run out of ink. Remember that in no case should you remove consumables for a long time – install a new cartridge immediately after removing the old one. When installing the CISS or refueling it, strictly follow the instructions, and it is better to use the services of professionals altogether. Also keep in mind that you should not shake the already spent consumable material of the laser device in order to restore its printing function for a short period of time. The fact is that this will lead to powder pouring out of the hopper for working off and filling the apparatus itself.
  • Also, do not turn off the sensor that monitors the ink level in the device. The fact is that if you do not fill the consumables of the printer in time, then air can enter its print head. This, in turn, will dry out the nozzles.
  • In addition, to increase the resource of your office equipment, try to buy only high-quality ink and toner. It is better to give preference to products from well-known and reputable manufacturers. Cheap colorants of poor quality can lead to various kinds of problems, for example, the ink of an inkjet device can oxidize the head and clog its nozzles (nozzles). And never mix ink or toner from different manufacturers. Products from different companies have their own individual chemical composition. Mixing can lead to reactions, especially with ink.
  • The quality of paper is of no small importance in the durability of any office equipment. It is better not to save on its purchase, otherwise you will have to sacrifice the “health” of your device. For inkjet devices, use special media, otherwise the moisture may cause the paper to spill out and jam in the print mechanism. Pay attention to its density. To do this, study the characteristics of the printer, which usually indicates the minimum and maximum threshold for this value. Too thick paper can be as dangerous as very thin paper. Also, do not forget that it is not recommended to use wrinkled media. it tends to get stuck in the printing mechanism.
  • Do not allow any objects to fall inside the mechanism. To do this, be sure to remove all staples and scrapers from the paper, and, if possible, protect the device from children. Also, make sure that no dust gets into its mechanism. To prevent this, try to regularly remove dust from the printer with a vacuum cleaner and do wet cleaning in the room where it is installed.
  • Avoid placing the printer of any type close to a heat source such as a heating system. In addition, such a device must constantly stand on a solid and level surface. If you are using an inkjet model with CISS, then make sure that the reservoirs of the system are located at the same level with the office equipment.

Compliance with the listed rules and recommendations will definitely help you to “squeeze” the maximum out of your printing device. This is especially true if you are using a rather expensive and multifunctional model. In this case, your office equipment will serve you for at least ten years.


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