Scanning in windows 10 and in windows 7

To solve the problem related to how to scan documents in Windows operating systems, you can only use standard tools. Those. the use of some third-party software applications in this case is not a prerequisite. To do this, these operating systems usually have a tool called “fax and scan windows”. It is very easy and simple to work with it, and you can see for yourself by carefully reading the instructions below.

Scanning in Windows 7

  • If you are using a scanner that is connected to a personal computer running Windows 7, then first you need to make sure that the connected equipment is in working order. To do this, you need to check for the appropriate drivers by going to the Device Manager list. Scanners, regardless of the model, are necessarily carried out by the operating system in a section called “Image processing devices”.
  • Then go to the “Start” menu and in the special search box “type in” the name of the Windows 7 system tool “Fax and Scan”. Click on the result that appears in the search window in order to run this program, which is included in the standard set of the system.
  • After starting the program, a new window will open in front of you, which displays all the information that relates to received faxes or previous digitization processes. To start a new process, you just need to click on the “New” button located on the top panel.
  • In the dialog box that opens, adjust all the optimal parameters by setting the required values. For example, you need to specify what exactly you plan to scan: text, photograph, etc. Also, be sure to adjust settings such as file format, resolution, contrast, and brightness level according to your requests and needs. If you do not do this, then there is a possibility that the result will upset you.
  • After the settings have been made, which you can leave by default, if necessary, use the result preview function. If everything suits you, you can go to the main process by clicking the “Scan” button.
  • In the end, you just have to wait for the scanner to do its job to the end. The finished digitized image will be available on the path “Document” => “Scanned documents” or in the window of the program itself.

Scanning in Windows 10

  • As for scanning in windows 10, then for this you need to open the “Start” menu and find the corresponding program through the search bar, ie. Windows Fax and Scan.
  • Next, a window with options for scanning will open in front of you. Pay attention to the toolbar where you need to select and click on “New” (New Scan).
  • In a new window, the scan settings will be displayed in front of you. Its right half is completely empty – it is intended so that you can preview the results of digitizing the document. To do this, click the Preview button, which is located under this empty area.
  • After starting the preview function, you just have to familiarize yourself with the results and, if necessary, make the necessary changes to the scan settings. If everything suits you, then you can safely click on “Scan” (Scan). It should be added that during the scanning process, if necessary, you can cancel the process by clicking the corresponding Cancel button.
  • After completing the process, the program will open the finished image for you. You can also find it in the Scanned Documents folder by searching for it in the Start menu.

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