Solving the problem with the unavailability of the printing subsystem

In the event that you are faced with a problem related to the fact that the printing subsystem is not available, then you should not rush and run to call workshops and service centers, because almost any user of office equipment can cope with this widespread problem. To solve a problem like “the printing subsystem is not available how to fix”, first of all try to restart both the computer and the office equipment itself. The likelihood that such an action will help you is small, but it still exists. If such a simple action was not enough to fix the described problem, then resort to the recommendations described below.

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We search and remove viruses

So, if an error related to the fact that the printing subsystem is inaccessible haunts you, then first of all, be sure to check your entire windows 10 or older operating system for viruses. Use any high-quality and popular antivirus for this, for example, Dr. Web, Nod 32, Kaspersky. In addition, for a more thorough scan, use special anti-virus utilities, for example, AVZ, Microsoft Safety Scanner, Dr.Web CureIt, etc. With their help, you can find and remove viruses that could cause the local printing system of your PC to display an error. It should be added that, if possible, check your hard disk on another personal computer that is really “healthy” and more efficient.

If necessary, create a bootable Dr.Web LiveUSB USB stick on a “healthy” PC. This utility is used to restore the system from a bootable media or from a floppy drive. With its help, you can not only restore the affected operating system, on which the local printing subsystem is not running, but also clean the PC of any infected and suspicious programs. In addition, it will allow you to pre-copy the necessary data to another PC or removable media.

Also, the Dr.Web LiveUSB utility will be useful if you need to disinfect previously infected objects. Kaspersky also has about the same utility – Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10. In general, you personally choose which one to use!

If checking your PC for viruses and using special antivirus utilities did not help you and the printing subsystem is still unavailable, then pay attention to the following recommendations.

Recovering system files

If viruses are not the reason that the local printing subsystem cannot run and function normally, then try restoring your OS system files. There is a good chance that virus programs have damaged some important files, as a result of which a problem has arisen related to the fact that the printing subsystem is inaccessible.

To try to solve the problem using this method, open the command line by calling the “Run Program” window for this using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Windows and entering “CMD” there. Do not forget that before doing this, you need to log in to your computer with an administrator account. In the opened command line window with a black background, enter “sfc / scannow” and press Enter. This will launch a utility whose function is to protect Windows files. After completing it, try printing something. If the windows print service still won’t run, then try the automatic fix. To do this, you just need to go to the web address “”, then click on the green button “Run now” and follow all the instructions that will be displayed further.

Trying to “roll back” the system

The question arises, what to do if the above recommendations did not help and the local printing subsystem is still not running? To solve it, a “rollback” of the system can be an excellent solution; loading its last configuration, which was in normal working order.

  1. To do this, open the utilities from the “Standard” list in the “Start” menu, then click on the item that allows you to perform system recovery.
  2. In the new window, select the item “Restore an earlier state of the computer”, and then decide on a specific restore point when your system was working normally without any failures and when the local printing subsystem was available.
  3. Finally, wait for Windows to “roll back”, and then restart the system if the computer has not done it on its own.
  4. Then check if the local printing subsystem is available by trying a test print.

Print queue problem

If the printing subsystem is not available and none of the above helped, then right-click on the “My Computer” icon and go to “Manage”. Find the services tab and click on it. Find “Print Spooler” there and, opening the menu with a right-click, click on “Stop”. In general, this should correct the situation and return the printing subsystem to normal operation.

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