What to do when the computer takes a long time to print a document over the network

The problem associated with the fact that the printer thinks for a long time before printing is the most common among users of printing office equipment. But at the same time, few of them know how to eliminate it. Most users of such devices prefer to endure such a mistake, referring to the fact that their printer is already outdated and requires updating. But do not turn a blind eye to such a malfunction, otherwise it can lead to the fact that the printing device will finally fail and its further repair may not lead to the desired results.

Several ways to solve the problem

So, if your device takes a long time to print over the network, then you can try to solve the problem by opening the power saving mode setting.

  • To do this, you need to click on the control panel on the button called “Menu”, then select “General settings”.
  • There, select the “Energy Saving” section and use the up and down arrows to scroll through the list presented to select the option you want.
  • To solve the above problem, remove the marker from this item: “Entering the power saving mode after a fixed period.”

If your slow device still gives you a lot of hassle. if you do not have time to print the necessary documents on time, then try updating its driver by installing the latest version.

  • To do this, open the “Properties” item by right-clicking on the “My Computer” icon and select “Device Manager” on the component panel.
  • Among the entire list, find the section with printers and faxes, and then click on the arrow that is located to the left of it.
  • Among the list of devices connected to the PC that appears, click on the desired device with the right mouse button, and then click on the command responsible for updating its driver.
  • Then you will see several options for solving this problem – select the option that offers the use of an Internet connection. Either you can independently download the latest driver from our web resource, or from the official website of the manufacturer of your office equipment, then run the installer and, following the recommendations, install this software.

If it still takes longer than it should to send documents to print, and thus, updating the print device driver did not help you, then first open the print queue management.

  • To do this, go to the properties of your office equipment: “Start” => “Control Panel” => “Printers and other equipment” => right-click on the device’s inoke to open the context menu.
  • With the printer properties open, go to the tab titled “Advanced”.
  • To speed up printing, you should check the box titled “Use print queue”.
  • In addition, check the option “Start printing immediately” as well.

If you want to solve the problem thoroughly, it would be a good idea to check the following path for malware: “C: WINDOWS System32 sfc_os.dll”. If they are still found, then it is recommended to copy this file from another personal computer and paste it instead of the old one infected with viruses.

Also, check if the Spool folder at C: Windows System32 is empty.

Thus, coping with the problem of slow printing, which sometimes makes you nervous (for example, when you urgently need to print a bunch of documents), is solved quite simply. The main thing is to strictly follow the instructions given, otherwise you will have to fork out for the services of the service center.


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